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Do what makes your Soul Shine

Updated: Apr 18, 2023

An ode to the changing of seasons and sunnier days ahead, I am constantly inspired by nature. Spring is my favourite time of year, even when the cold rainy days seem feel like it goes on forever, the sun eventually comes out to play and we have warmer sunnier days to look forward to.

The drop shape symbolizes the tears of the sky that cleanse the earth and welcome new growth, marking new beginnings, transformation & growth. It is a time for celebration of joy and life and a deep reverence for all that Mother Earth provides.

In the fifteenth & sixteenth century when French & English traders introduced seed beads to indigenous tribes they quickly became a principal medium due to their varied colours, beadwork quickly rose to become the predominant craft. Due to the loss of traditional lands and with it a subsistent base, the selling of art became an important source of income and still is today.

Beadwork and other art reflect an indivisible part of our culture. Beadwork is an aspect of adornment and creative expression. For centuries indigenous people used the body a transmitter of history, cultural stories & lore. The body through decoration & dance becomes remarkable form of non-oral communication.

This pair honouring one of Creators most beautiful creatures the Monarch butterfly. There are many legends and myths about monarchs and other butterflies, a lot of times tying them to the souls of our ancestors.

In the fall these butterflies make a 3000 mile trek to the California coast or in the mountains of Mexico. They begin the return to the North in the spring feeding on nectar along the way.

Butterflies represent transformation, creation & rebirth.


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