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Hey, I'm Sarah!

At Bead & Soul, our mission is to provide beautiful handcrafted beaded jewelry crafted with love and care. 


As a self-taught indigenous artist & Sarah loves to create pieces that inspire, celebrate & empower. 


This online shop is a one woman show in the heart of the Valhalla Mountains in British Columbia, Canada.


We are passionate about creating beautiful and unique pieces that makes your soul shine.  We believe that fashion should be about more than just looking good, it should also be about feeling good. 


Beaded Jewelry is a work of art and each piece is designed with intention to uplift, inspire & empower you to live your life with passion & purpose.  


May you find the perfect piece that speaks to your soul and was meant for you. 


Growing up I was surrounded by many creative women that nurtured my creativity and passion for art and fashion.

I would often raid my mom's or Nokomis' bead tins. I loved sitting at mom's sewing machine or watching Nokomis bead tiny moccasins for all the cousins and babies. She later taught me how to make my very first pair of mocs which would later inspire my passion for beadwork.

When i'm not beading...

You can find me walking through the forest, playing in the garden, golfing, camping & beach combing with my kids and their friends. I love cooking for loved ones and spending time with family. My favourite thing to cook is make a big pot of soup, a big chunk of oven bannock with a generous slather of butter.


What is Bead & Soul

B&S is an artisan jewelry brand blending traditional with contemporary fine art beadwork made to inspire conversation, celebrate culture & empower us to connect to self through self-expression.

B&S celebrates conscious women who are connecting to their inner child, the fearless leaders and brave warriors. The mothers, the nurturers, the protectors, the healers, the matriarchs, the fighters & protectors. 

At B&S we believe that jewelry can be more than adornment, but a tool for transformation, a beacon for inspiration & self discovery.

Through my website I release limited collections of wearable art that transcend the realm of mere accessories; they are symbols of our inner strength. Accessories that you can wear that blend powerful & inspired stories behind each name & design. An extension of our bold spirits, a celebration of our unique journey, and a reminder that our individuality is our superpower. 


Thank You for Being Part of the
Bead & Soul Family!

Take a look at our collections by following the button below, and don't forget to share your jewelry and tag us on IG and FB!

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