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We emit the energy we want to attract.

Updated: Apr 16, 2023

New moon in Aquarius on January 21 marks a time to harness the energy of the cosmos to create and design our lives.

This moon arrives prepared to inspire us all to break free from the past and anything that restricts our personal freedoms. New Moons are a time for rejuvinations and manifestation. Whether it be a new experience, person or item, we must make space for new beginnings and we emit the energy that we want to attract.

This past year I've granted myself a lot of grace and trust in my ability to intuitively navigate life, fine tune my frequency to reflect my authentic truth and live the life I want to live.

As the moons passage through aquarius brings out the rebel in all of us. We choose our causes for a reason. Break rules, break through old programming and try something new and make sure everyone sees us for the unique & powerful individuals we are. Aquarius, ruled by Uranus, is the only planet named after a greek god. So standing out in a crowd & being individual are more important than anything.

In my latest collection I wanted to be more intentional with my connection to nature & discovery of creator & culture, which I've felt largely separated from for most my life. Like most indigenous people, our teachings and cultural practices were made illegal in the late 19th and early 20th century went largely forgotten, but not lost. Today many Ojibway communities are reawakening to such female centred cultural & sacred practices. Through my beadwork I find myself more aligned with my intentions and desire to learn & share. I hope through these pieces you will feel the vibrations and be inspired to learn and share the stories that are woven through each & every bead.

The Ode'imin Collection named after the Ojibway word for Strawberry, meaning "heart berry". Ojibway women historically considered strawberries to be a women's medicine. Used to teach about community creation & love. Young women would fast from berries for a full year when she reached her first menstrual cycle. During this year she would spend time with grandmothers who would

teach her about womanhood & how to bring life into this world.

Three Sisters are named after the foundation of subsistence. Appearing prominently in oral traditions and ceremonies of First Nations People. a name given for the three main agricultural crops of various indigenous people of North America. Squash, Corn & Beans. When planted together, these 3 plants protect and nourish each other in different ways as they grow. In chis inspired

creation, the 3 flowers represent the physical and spiritual sustainers of life. When we support each other, when we grow, when we nourish ourselves and

each other we are stronger together

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