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Ode'imin Valentine's Day Drop

Updated: Apr 16, 2023

Multifunctional pieces feature 24K Gold Beaded Accents and Gold Filled Findings. Earthy browns, creamy whites & rosy pinks are the common theme through this collection.

Zhawenim Collection is an original design by Bead & Soul Designs ©2023

zhawenim, in Ojibwe means; bless, show loving-kindess, unconditional love for h/; have mercy, compassion for h/

zaagichigaade vii it is loved, treasured (by someone), "they" love, treasure it

Through my beadwork I find myself more aligned with my intentions and desire to learn & share. I hope through these pieces you will feel the vibrations and be inspired to learn and share the stories that are woven through each & every bead.

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